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One of the leading exponents of current Abstract Neo-expressionism.


He has paintings exhibited at the Guggenheim in New York, at the Museum of contemporary art in Boca Raton, Florida and at the contemporary art museum of Osaka, among others.


Sandoval is considered as one of the most important artists of the world of painting, listed in the post-avant-garde and abstract neo-expressionism, always followed closelly by international critics like Perán Ermini, Sofia Imber, Ariel Jimenez, Adolfo Wilson, Graziano La Rocca, Julia Saez Angulo, Ricardo Barnatán or Dore Ashton.


Composer, producer, designer and player of special string instruments and engineer, AdVero has composed soundtracks for various films, theater plays, documentaries, video-Instalations and Performances, also producing a large number of recordings.


Co-designer of string instruments such as the Guitarpa, the Guitarsis, the special classical guitar and fretless clasical guitar, AdVero has, over the years, worked with numerous and renowned international artists such as Richard Landry (co-founder and member with Philip Glass, of the "Philip Glass Ensemble"), Marc Russo (formerly of the Yellow Jackets), Kenneth Nash, Frank Martin, Rich Girard, Fletch Wiley, and others.


With his last production, "The Kiss of the Bee", AdVero creates a unique and astonishing musical interplay between bees and humans that goes beyond anything tried so far by anyone else. It will become -no doubt- the starting point and reference for new ways of making music and communicating with other species.

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