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Composer and producer AdVero and Painter Pedro Sandoval present byPSS, a multidisciplinary project.


byPSS, an organic project that unites and separates, destroys and renews all that emanates from the elements that conform this multi perceptional and sensorial Exposition - Installation - Performance (EIP): beings, paintings, monitors, screens, embryos and HonomoH… All interconnected with each other as if creating a flowing structure, from which the images, music, colors, sounds, words, silence, voices, symbols…, emerge, contagiously infecting, creating an organic universe.


Paint and music, are present in byPSS as specially invited "guests", treading the same path as the homo-heterogeneous art that merges into, and forms part of a cyclic and infinite process, dying and birthing at the same point.


All the pieces (sonic-pictorial-visual) that conform this project are upheld by a fractal byPSS of luminous umbilical cords that transmit toxicity as also "Non Toxic?" (a state of supposed, not proven non-toxicity). All existent life is partially or completely contaminated by man - toxic in his origin - and seeks to create a bridge, through byPSS, to connect perishable death (momentary death) and its prolongation (momentary life): the end of an agony that gives way to the next.


Art, in this Exposition - Installation - Performance (EIP), acts as a byPSS, in an attempt to give the human race, and finite life in its full extension, a vital sense and continuity (though limited).

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